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Jen Wozny, the creator of Put The Light Here, became a Guardian of a Crystal Skull in December 2017.  Specifically, she keeps Lady Mariana Leela Essene.

“Lady Mariana,” for short, is a Super Baby Einstein: She is carved in the exact image of “Einstein,” the Ancient Crystal Skull who was placed on Earth to help raise our consciousness.  Einstein is indeed one of the 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls who are here on Earth to assist the evolution of human consciousness, and the shift to a more expanded perspective of our place in the Cosmos.  Lady Mariana has been imprinted by Einstein with his energy (see the photos on this page).

Jen is honored to be paired with her friend and spiritual colleague Lady Mariana.  It is our combined honor to also help share Einstein’s wisdom with the world, and we do so with permission from him and his own Guardian, Carolyn Ford.

In addition to carrying Einstein’s imprint, Lady Mariana also carries the energy of the Magdalene Lineage.  She is a wise, loving, strong, happy, and rainbow-filled skull made from Clear Quartz.

We make her energy available to the world, through our crystal products sold in our Shop.  Specifically, at your request, we will imprint any Clear Quartz product with Lady Mariana’s energy.  Simply add this feature to your purchase.

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