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Energy Update: Emotional and vulnerable, with a new cast of characters

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February 2021: Quick Overview energy update

February has been an important month for us on the inside of who we are. Two main things occurred.

First, heart openings, releases of sadness—both ours and that which belongs to the collective, and the ability to feel pure love and beauty even more than before.

Second, relationships changing and thus the end of old soul contracts which also marks the beginning of new ones.


Some Background Helpers

All of this was helped by Mercury Retrograde (which just finished). Merc Rx helps us to review things, and then to determine if these things need to be adjusted or even brought to an end.

Also helping was the new moon (on February 11) in the collective’s 11th House. The 11th House relates to relationships—friends, family, social circles, colleagues, and I imagine also soul contracts.


A Change in Who is With Us

Regarding soul contracts, these may be people we’ve been with in numerous other lifetimes. It was interesting to note that, just as of February 2021, we are parting ways.

When old things fall away, it makes space for something new to enter. So if you said goodbye to someone or something, then know that it was meant to be—it’s in the best interests of both sides of the equation.

Cleanse that space (meaning process the loss mindfully, integrate the lessons, and let go of everything else) and hold the intention that it be filled with what’s right for your future.


Just Ahead

We are coming up on March Equinox, and that is a time when Light arrives in a large dose. All of this letting go, cleansing, and heart opening enables us to have more room for that Light to take up residence inside of our energy bodies and lives.

So rest if you need it, cry if you need to, know that you’re not alone, and do what feels right.

Equinox is Saturday, March 20, and I have extended hours that day in order to help you to use that energy to your highest advantage. Feel welcome to book here.

~ Jen

energy update february 2021

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