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Wellness: Is your body getting the nutrition it needs?

Is your body getting all of the nutrition it needs?

One thing I appreciate about not being a foodie is that I’m okay with getting my nutrition in pill or powder form.

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Breakfast: 20 grams of clean, plant-based protein; plus most of the vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that the body needs each day. In one, convenient, just-add-water serving.


Not only does this help to ensure that I get good quality vitamins/proteins/minerals, but also it’s easy on my routine and absorbable in my body.

A breakfast of one of these plant-based nutritional shakes, plus a handful of other supplements and herbal tonics, gives the body most of what it needs for the day.

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With my shake, I also add the vitamins and supplements that my specific body needs; such as spirulina (filled with proteins and B vitamins), probiotics (almost essential these days for gut health and a healthy stress response); magnesium (which has a calming effect on the body and nervous system); and vitamin D3 (for mood and energy levels, especially when the sun isn’t shining). Note: I actually take Magnesium Glycinate, not Magnesium Citrate as shown in the picture; each vitamin generally comes in different forms, and it’s important to know that, because the body uses each form differently.


It also eases the digestive load on the body: There’s no solid food to deal with (for this one meal), so the body can focus on processing everything else happening within and around me—the energies, the emotions, the mass quantities of stimuli.


Do you take vitamins or supplements? Do you notice a difference when taking them?


In the photos, I also zoomed in on one product: “Strest,” the blend of adaptogenic herbs that all help with stress, overwhelm, and an overactive nervous system.

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This particular product combines multiple adaptogens: Tulsi/Holy Basil; Rhodiola (which has been shown to reduce stress-induce weight gain); Ashwagandha; Eleuthero; Schisandra; and Milky Oat Seed.


We can either use one adaptogen at a time (such as Ashwagandha), or try one of the many blends available to help us.

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“Adaptogens” are a class of herb/plant that balance the hormones in the body. They don’t focus on one hormone versus another, nor do they seek to raise or lower a hormone. Simply, they bring the hormones into balance. About 10-12 different herbs fall into this category; each has a unique personality, so choose the one that’s right for you at this time.


Note: I am not endorsing any of these products; they are merely what I use. As well, some of these products have contraindications with medications and medical conditions; please consult with your trusted medical doctor before trying any of them.


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