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The Divine Masculine: The best that men can get

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Gillette, the company that makes men’s shaving products, recently released an ad that is getting notice–in a good way.  divine masculine

The ad is taking a stance against “toxic masculinity,” the negative and harmful behaviors that males can engage in.  Abuse, harassment, bullying, etc.

The ad instead is encouraging males to be kinder.  To stand up for females, children, and each other.  To speak out against harm.  To help others.

Essentially, the ad is encouraging males to tap into their heart, and into the energy of the Divine, not the toxic, Masculine.

Says the ad, “Something finally changed.”


What was it, actually, that changed?

This changed: The background energy that supported toxicity.


Over many years, Lightworkers and positive Occultists have been working hard to remove a host of negative energies from our collective consciousness as well as from the Earth itself–which absorbs and accumulates our energies.  These people have also been replacing the negativity with positive energies–love, peace, compassion, and divine frequencies.


Several years ago, the energy of the Divine Masculine was grounded (even more fully) into the Earth.  I know this because it was grounded into Earth via my own body, which is one way of doing this type of work.

We also, over time, built grids around the planet of Divine Masculine energy, which complemented the grids of Divine Feminine energy that were also built.

When I see the Divine Masculine on the inner planes, he is so beautiful.  He is strong and immovable, yet humble and compassionate.  He knows who he is and what he is here to do.  He plays an active role in our world, but also plays a supportive role for the Divine Feminine.  He has an open heart, and is also childlike and playful.


It has warmed my heart to see the Divine Masculine energy being embodied, little by little. To see males connecting with their hearts, finding fulfillment within themselves, feeling safe and right to be Divine.  Knowing the depths and the beauty of who they are.


Eventually, we will reach a tipping point: So many of us will embody this energy that it will spill into everyone and everything. Divinity will be the default setting.

Divine Masculine. Divine Feminine. Divine Balance.

Our world’s trajectory is positive.

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A note about the title of this article: It is not true that the Divine Masculine is “the best” that men can get.  Divine Masculine is one potential goal.  But there is no upper limit on how high and divine we can become.  That is, until the time that we merge back into Ultimate Source.  I used the title “the best that men can get” simply as a play on words regarding Gillette’s own slogan (“the best a man can get”).  But even as I did so, I took issue with it.  We are so big.  There is no upper limit.



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