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A Pure Heart is the goal

Paramahansa Yogananda, whose quote is in the image below, is perhaps most famously known for the book he wrote, “The Autobiography of a Yogi.”  pure heart

This tome of spiritual wisdom has inspired, uplifted, and brought deep comfort to many seekers.

I recall weeping as I read it; understanding completely this soul’s devotion to finding his spiritual Master.

I recall sobbing while I watched the movie about his life, “Awaken,” which showed footage of Yogananda looking lost as he escorted his Master’s casket.

And I recall feeling intrigued at one particular moment of this enlightened master’s life: He asked the Divine Mother to please let him leave the United States.

Even though it was his soul’s purpose to bring Kriya Yoga to North America, the culture on this continent was too difficult for him to endure—he battled betrayals, lawsuits, and the fatigue of having “to convince people to be spiritual.”

Can you imagine—an enlightened master asking to be relieved of duty?

That revelation gives me peace when I need it. Our culture benefits from spiritual practice, as well as desperately needs the love and unity espoused by the true teachings, and yet it can be a challenge “to convince” others to try it.

Yogananda was devoted and determined to help. And he of course stayed in the United States; helping to lay the true foundation for Yoga to take hold.

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His presence and teachings were perhaps the most gentle and loving that I have encountered in all of my spiritual pursuits.

He is our friend. And his wisdom can heal.

For more information on Yogananda and his teachings, check out his Autobiography or the Self-Realization Fellowship website.

Love prevails.  pure heart


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