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Rainbows of Forgiveness and Joy

I’ve had this crystal for more than three years. I associated it with someone, though. When I felt love for that person then I pulled the crystal closer. When I learned the person was bad for me then I pushed the crystal away.

When I do this, a friend often tells me, “Don’t blame the crystal.” I know…I know.

Today, I felt the need to connect with this crystal. It has been a good friend to me. It has kept me protected from dark energies. It has been my companion while I slept. It did nothing to deserve being associated with something other than itself.

I told it so. I apologized. I asked for forgiveness. I said how grateful I have always been to have it in my life. I opened myself to seeing the crystal for who it really is, and asked it to help me do this. I feel like I connected for the first time with this being on its own. And I looked closely at it, as if examining it for the first time. And then, I swear I watched these rainbows grow:


In three years, I have never seen rainbows in this crystal–until the moment I allowed myself to open my heart to it fully.


When I opened my heart, I swear these rainbows grew as I watched.


Now, there are rainbows throughout the entire stone. That is the power of a true connection. And a sign of a happy stone.

It is true that when a crystal is connected with its right human companion, then the crystal becomes activated, and the crystal might therefore change.

It has happened for me in the past–one time a crystal changed color so drastically and instantaneously after I connected with it, that friends who are Stonekeepers were shocked. I myself was not there to see it that time. This time, I bore full witness to this beautiful phenomenon. It is humbling, to say the least. It is a sign of our power–the power of our pure hearts, connecting with the pure heart of another.

We all have that power.


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    Rainbows of Forgiveness and Joy
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