October 13: Global Energy Clearing (group call)



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This event occurs on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, at 6pm EST (for 45 minutes), and is held online via a teleconference website.

These calls represent “heavy lifting” and psychic battles.  This is not a simple meditation to send “love and light.”  For more details, see below. For a recap of past events, see here.

By participating in this event, you are directly consenting to all terms in our Consent Form, including to accept full responsibility for yourself at all times.

Please read below for a full description of this event and what to expect.

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Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020; 6:00 to 6:45pm EST

Where: Online.  You will receive the link to the teleconference webpage once you complete your checkout.

Technical requirements: The teleconference functions best with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge web browsers.  It does not function well with Safari or Internet Explorer.  You can also join by phone, by dialing a USA-based phone number.

Who can join: Anyone, anywhere can join, as long as you hold the intention to remove negative energy from the Earth’s energy field.  It is best to have some experience with meditation and/or energy healing.

What this is: This is a group “energy clearing” of the Earth.  We will be guided into deep meditation, invited to connect with our soul and Source, and then invited to do whatever work is right for us to do; this will be unique to each participant.  We will be actively clearing energy away from Earth; this is called “energy clearing.”  Once the work is complete, we will have an opportunity to share our experiences and ask questions.

What this is not: This is not a meditation that simply sends “love and light” to the planet.

What to expect for yourself: We generally receive boosts of energy when we do this; or, our personal power gets upgraded.  We sometimes receive our own energy clearing (from Source), or energy healing.  We generally feel better after doing this work.  However, working with energies at this level can stretch our energy fields beyond their normal “size”; the side effect can be that we need time afterwards to adjust to this new level.  Side effects may include fatigue, irritability, sensitivity, or other symptoms.  Read more about energy healing here.

Disclaimer: It does happen sometimes that we receive psychic attacks as we clear negative energies.  Some of these energies do not want to leave the planet, or were put in place deliberately.  A psychic attack feels like sudden: anger; nausea; fatigue; headache; or other unpleasant symptoms.  These do not always happen, but please decide whether it feels right for you to join this event.  By joining the event, you are directly consenting to accept full responsibility for yourself at all times, and directly consenting to the terms of our Consent Form.

Host: Jen Wozny, the founder of Put The Light Here, is the host of this event.  She will be guiding you into a meditative state–inviting you to connect with the rest of your soul as well as with Source, and then inviting you to work in the way that is right for you.  Once the energy clearing is complete, she will guide you back into your physical body.  Jen is an energy healer who has tuned into the planet to clear and heal its energies hundreds of times, and has hosted dozens of these calls since they began on New Year’s Eve 2018/19.

Past Global Energy Clearings: Jen and a group of colleagues did dozens of global energy clearings in 2019.  To read a sample of what was worked on, and know better what to expect in this current event, read the article, “Global Energy Clearing Teleconferences: Recap of the good work we have done so far.”


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