Keychain Mala: Green Aventurine


Take your prayers with you, with our 11-bead Keychain Mala!

This love-filled item features beads of:
– Green Aventurine (ungraded);
– Smoky Quartz (Grade A);
– Freshwater Pearl; and
– Clear Quartz (Grade A).

Finished with a tiny Swarovski bead.

Features a stainless steel lobster claw clasp to easily hook onto your key chain, zipper pull, purse, backpack, or other item.

Length: 3.75 inches

This item comes in a jewelry box tied with ribbon.  Put The Light Here’s signature Moldavite charm is attached to this item.  Crystal Care Instructions are included in your package.

Full product details are below.

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Ships within 3-5 business days.  For questions about shipping, caring for your item, and more, please see the FAQs page.  Information about Moldavite may be found at the Metaphysical Properties of Crystals page.  crystals prosperity


Metaphysical Properties of This Product

Aventurine: Aventurine is a form of Quartz that also contains particles of other minerals, which are what give Aventurine its colors.

Overall, this stone is associated with luck, prosperity, and opportunity. It also enables one to live from their heart, and therefore promotes feelings of well-being, compassion, and empathy.* As well, Aventurine merges the intellect and emotions, enables one to see alternate possibilities, and enhances the qualities associated with leadership.*

Aventurine is also used to protect against geopathic stress and to absorb harmful electromagnetic frequencies (which requires it to be cleansed often). It may also protect the heart from being drained by psychic vampires.*

According to Judy Hall, Aventurine has a strong connection to the Devic Kingdom (the nature spirits).

Physically, Aventurine benefits the nervous system, connective tissue, skin, metabolism, blood pressure, inflammation, and “the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart, and muscular and urogenital systems.”*

Aventurine, Green: Green Aventurine is beneficial for optimism; vitality; good fortune; helping one to flow more easily through changes; and physical and emotional healing, especially related to the heart.  It offers is associated with associated with water and the Earth, and offers a connection to the Devas (nature spirits) and elementals.

Mohs hardness: 6.5-7.
  crystals prosperity


Pearl: Pearls are ruled by the energies of the moon and water, and are therefore associated with: feminine energy; innocence; purity; integrity; sincerity; truth; faith; and wisdom. Their energy may help to cultivate one’s intuitive abilities, provide a sense of calm and centeredness, and instill self-acceptance.

Physically, Pearls are said to dissipate stress, tension, and headaches; and to help disorders of the digestive tract.

Pearls, Freshwater (cultured): Cultured, Freshwater Pearls are said to offer the same properties are natural Pearls.

Mohs hardness: 2.5-3.5.

Group: Calcium carbonate.


Quartz, Smoky: Smoky Quartz is beloved for its ability to both ground a person’s energy as well as to protect their energy against negative influences or negative emotions. Anyone seeking to anchor into their physical body more of the higher frequencies would do well with this stone. Notably, Smoky Quartz is associated with the base of the body: hips; legs; and feet.
It also helps with fear, depression, and letting go of what no longer serves. It may clear the mind and alleviate stress.

Mohs hardness: 7.


Quartz (Clear): Clear Quartz is best known for two characteristics: it is an amplifier; and it can be programmed. The former means that this stone will amplify the energies and characteristics of whatever is near it–be it another stone or a feeling. This characteristic is often used by healers to magnify the energies that they channel into a patient.

The latter means that intentions and energies can be set into the stone, and it will hold these programs very well. (Because Clear Quartz is programmed so easily, when you obtain one of these stones, it is important to clear all prior programming that may be in it–either accidentally or deliberately–unless you are aware of the programming and give permission for it. Put The Light Here clears all of our stones prior to using them in our products.) Of all stones, Clear Quartz is essentially the pure and empty vessel, the blank slate, awaiting instructions.

Additionally, this stone can clear blocks in the body, intensify psychic and spiritual experiences, and unlock memories.

Mohs hardness: 7.

Group: Quartz (silicon dioxide).

crystals prosperity

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