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New Clients: We wish to welcome you with an extended first appointment, and at a special rate!

Returning clients are invited to please select from the other appointment options.

Every appointment is a custom blend of:
– energy healing (Reiki, Shamanism, and Psychic Healing at the level of your soul);
– life coaching;
– intuitive, holistic guidance;
– homework that you can do to continue your progress; and
– mentoring or training upon request.

Would you benefit from some healing or guidance? Is life stressful, overwhelming, confusing, or exhausting? Are you feeling the effects of pain, illness, or other discomfort? Do you feel called to become even greater than you are now? Would you like need help with your career, relationships, health, or life purpose? We can help with all that and more.

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All appointments are by phone (Canada/USA) or Skype (international).

Once you complete your Checkout, you will receive a link to our online scheduling system. There, you will be able to choose the date and time that best suits you. This link will be available in two places: immediately after Checkout, under Order Details; and in the email that you will receive confirming your order.


This option applies to first-time appointments only. remote healing appointment

This appointment must be used within one year of the purchase date, and is subject to our refund and cancellation policy, outlined in the FAQs.

Do you need help with your career, relationships, health, or life purpose?  Do you feel called to become even greater than you are now?  Is life stressful, chaotic, or busy?  Would you benefit from some healing or guidance?  We can help.

Our specialty is helping people with personal development, spiritual development, and holistic wellness.  We achieve this by blending tools that support your body, mind, and soul; all at the same time.

Here is a sampling of Jen’s credentials: She is a Shamanic practitioner offering Shamanic healing as well as energy clearing (including for psychic attacks); Reiki Master using Reiki healing energy; Lightworker offering coaching, mentoring, and courses for Lightworkers; Life Coach offering life coaching as well as coaching for the soul; and a Spiritually Awakened Soul offering guidance and assistance for your own awakening process.  We take a holistic approach to healing, health, wellness, and life.

For more information, view our Appointments page.  We offer all of our appointments conveniently over the phone, assisting clients wherever they are in the world.

For more information about what is available to you during these appointments, please visit Jen’s Areas of Study page. remote healing appointment


Here’s what clients have to say:

The minute you hear [Jen’s] voice, a feeling of peace and tranquility washes over you.  ~ Gianna


I have had the pleasure of working with Jen on many occasions over the past few years. She is my only “go to person”, when I am unsure of what is going on energetically… frankly because no one else understands the many facets of energy like she does!!

When I come to Jen for guidance, she is wholly present and pays attention to each minute detail, in order to help me fully understand my situation.

As a fellow energy worker, she understands the depths, breadth and magnitude of deep energy healing/clearing. Her extensive experience and counsel have honestly been immensely transformative for me, on a personal and professional level.

She is a wonderful coach and mentor on this Life Journey. I cannot recommend her enough. If you are drawn to Jen, then you couldn’t be in better hands!  ~ Jacinthe


I’ve known Jen for several years; and, upon meeting her, was instantly aware of a rare connectivity. In both business and personal settings she has proven to be multi talented spiritually, trustworthy, respectful and reliable. Her genuine and intuitive nature provides a comfortable and serene feeling of overall wellbeing in partaking of her various approaches or modalities. It is my sincere belief that if you’re drawn to Jen then you’re blessed with a loving light and now poised to learn and gracefully evolve as needed through mastering or understanding whatever portion of your current life path you’re seeking to master.  ~ Debbie


Such a gentle soul, Jen clearly has a background in teaching since she’s an excellent communicator and her passion to help people makes her radiate.

She distinguishes herself from other teachers in the sense that she puts an emphasis in the distinction between dark and light forms, which can often be disguise. She teaches us how to recognize it and what to do about it.  ~ Nathalie


In addition to providing a thoroughly relaxing and very complete Reiki-Plus session, Jen also provides a great introduction and wrap-up regarding the process.

I have “always” had issues that relate to my throat / 5th chakra: tonsillitis, strep throat, stiff neck, dislike of having my neck touched, laryngitis, difficulties consistently speaking my truth… and so forth…

Within five minutes of completing the session i noticed two hives on my neck – and I am not prone to hives. Clearly, “something” had been stirred up with the session. I followed Jen’s recommendations for post-treatment self-care and five days after the first treatment I played the recording of the session to give myself a second treatment to continue to facilitate the cleansing / clearing / re-calibration process.

The hives have almost completely disappeared. More interestingly, the day immediately following the first treatment I was inspired to dust off the cobwebs on a spiritual website that I created several years ago.

I know this treatment gave me the last (big) nudge I need and I have FINALLY found my voice and have begun speaking my truth. Literally. Every day since resurrecting my website I have posted an audio blog – happily speaking my truth having literally and figuratively found my voice.  ~ Sharon

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