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On the first Wednesday of each month, Jen hosts an online teleconference during which she leads you through a guided Mindfulness meditation (a body scan), a connection with your Higher Self to receive messages from it, and a high-level energy healing session. Jen then hosts a question-and-answer period so that you can receive guidance about life, wellness, healing, spirituality, and more. The call is from 7-8pm EST. Can’t make it to the live call? The recording is available until Saturday at midnight EST; purchase your ticket, submit your question, then listen when you have time. Participate by phone or web, from the comfort of your home. (Please register by 6pm EST on the night of the call.) affordable healing

2022 schedule (first half): January 5; February 2; March 2; April 6; May 4; June 1.

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Experience: No experience with meditation, healing, or spirituality is required in order to join. Each call occurs independently of the others. Everyone is welcome. All you need to do is register and then listen via the teleconference webpage or by phone.

Registration Deadline: Registration must be received by 6:00pm EST on the day of the call. Registrations received after this time will be applied to the following month’s call.affordable healing

Question Submissions: Questions for the Q&A portion may be submitted during, or in advance of, the call. When you receive your registration email, simply click the link to the teleconference webpage and submit your question in the form on that page.

Price: $18.

Registration Limitations: Registration is valid for one person only, and for one call only. Returning participants will need to re-register for every call. Each individual participant, including when listening with another participant from the same location, will need to submit their own registration and payment.

Important: Please review the Consent Form before submitting payment. By submitting payment, you are expressly agreeing to the terms outlined in the Form.

Sensitivities: All calls are trauma sensitive, and all Q&A submissions are discussed anonymously. All energy work facilitated by Jen and Put The Light Here requires the express consent of the participants; no energy work is facilitated on you without your permission.

Call-in Details: Shortly after submitting payment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the next call. You have two listening options: online or by phone. To participate online, follow the link in the email to the teleconference webpage, and listen there. You may need to refresh the page at 7:00pm, should the call not load automatically. Internet browsers: The teleconference webpage supports Firefox, Chrome, and Edge best; Internet Explorer and Safari may encounter technical issues requiring you to refresh the page. Calling in by phone requires dialing a number based in the United States; for non-US-based participants, please make sure that your phone plan will allow you to call the US.

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This is my initiative to give back.

There were times in my life when I needed help from a qualified holistic practitioner but couldn’t afford the regular price that such a person would charge. For example, $100, $200, or even $450 for one hour.

Then I found a clinic that offered energy healing from a very qualified professional, but for a sliding scale price of $20-$45, depending on what each patient could afford–“no questions asked.” I so genuinely appreciated that this kind heart would provide her service at a price that I could manage. She offered this reduced rate because she knew that there were many other people just like me. She recovered her costs by holding client sessions as a group: Each person got what they needed, and more than they paid for. She earned a living, while doing what she had trained to do.

​It is this philosophy that governs the reason for these calls each month: I know that there are people just like me who need qualified, quality help but who might not have the money right now for one-on-one prices. If this is you, then with my heart I welcome you to join this space. If you feel that you can pay more than the price, then you are welcome to use the Donations and Additional Contributions product to make up the difference. Either way, I welcome you with no questions asked.

~ Jen​

affordable healing