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Intensives by Put The Light Here are a bootcamp for your soul and life.

This option involves 24-hour, on-site support with you, for a period of five to 12 days, with the intent to intensely and completely reorient your life, habits, and soul as much as possible. We will push you, but not completely overwhelm you.

To make serious progress, you must be willing to open every aspect of your life to change, from that which is buried in your closets to that which is buried in your soul. All of it is affecting you.

Eventually, the outer life and the inner life must be perfectly aligned, and must be perfect reflections of each other.

If this option interests you, then Jen requires that we have at least three one-hour sessions together first. She will then ask you three questions to determine your readiness, and discuss the details and conditions associated with this service.

Book your 60-minute or 90-minute appointment in our Shop; or schedule your free consultation.


“Hard training makes for easy combat.”

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