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As a Lightworker who has worked to ensure that our planet’s transition occurs as gently and fairly as possible, Jen, the founder of Put The Light Here, is aware of certain obstacles faced by the light-filled souls who are here on Earth:

  • Some obstacles involve being so far ahead of the crowd that there is no one to talk to.  This may lead to feelings of immense loneliness, depression, and utter isolation.  These people may feel that no one understands them because it is 100% true that no one understands them. advanced energy healing
  • Some obstacles involve security.  It is common for the lighted souls to be hunted by the dark humans and dark forces; to be targeted, attacked, and removed from Earth altogether; to be encouraged to self-initiate a transition; and more.
  • Some obstacles relate to having a problem that originated from a place so far from this Earth that no mid-level healer, psychic, or Lightworker understands what is happening and how to fix it.  This may lead to feelings of hopelessness and worse.

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Jen herself has paid significant amounts of money, to numerous healers who said that they had decades of experience and wore titles of “Master” and “Expert” and yet who had no idea at all what they were dealing with when they encountered her; worse, they were so set in their ways that they could not hear what she was trying to tell them.  She left such appointments with the same problem, less money, more hopelessness, and a heart that had been hurt and disappointed by her healing and lightworker community.  No one should ever have to go through this.  Jen therefore does her best to understand each unique client, and will tell you honestly if she cannot help you.

om, sacred symbol, yoga, aum, i am that i am

Separately, Jen is also familiar with the fact that universes that once existed independently of each other are now merging, and that beings from those universes are now here on Earth. Accordingly, the Cosmic Laws that once governed our local universe are changing.

Much of the above subjects are not yet discussed in the energy healing and spiritual community, and so people who already need specialized and advanced assistance cannot find it. advanced energy healing

If you need assistance that is beyond most people’s comprehension, then Jen will do her best to assist you.  starseed support

Ready to schedule an appointment?  Visit this page.

Prefer to study the Cosmos and travel it? Join the online course, “Cultivate Your Psychic & Healing Abilities.”

You are also welcome to try one of the Monthly Healing Calls, which offers energy healing as well as a question-and-answer portion where you can ask questions.

Still not finding what you need?  Try browsing the Spiritual Self-Study products in the Shop.  They cover some advanced-level subjects.

Above all, please know this: You are not alone down here.

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