“The news is scary”: Don’t be afraid; here’s why

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There are three sections to this audio: The teaching section; a guided meditation that offers energy healing in line with the discussion topic; and a question and answer portion with the participants of the live recording.

Discussed in the Teaching Section: We explain the purpose of the destruction and changes being seen around the world; we take an Earthly perspective and a cosmic one, then return to the positive aspects.  Then get 5 practical tips to live in harmony with the changes.

What Occurs in the Energy Section: Karmic issues, bodily health, mind-level programming, and more.  It showed up and we assisted.

**If you do this meditation then please drink lots of water afterward, for about 72 hours.  This guidance was strong for whatever happened during the energy work.**

Questions Asked during the Q&A Section: Physical versus energetic causes of health problems.  Switching jobs amidst global instability.  Repetitive, negative thoughts.

(60 minutes)

*This audio was recorded live with an audience; the audience was muted.

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This call is packed full of information that pulls from years of intense experience, training in dozens of unique healing and spiritual modalities, and high-consciousness awareness of what works and why.  The intent is to offer you a self-study opportunity that you absolutely will not find anywhere else.  Added to the wisdom is an energy healing meditation related to the discussion topic, which allows you to go deep into your own self and emerge brighter.  Since time is not real, the energy work is always available, and thus the meditation may be repeated. scary news


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scary news

1 review for “The news is scary”: Don’t be afraid; here’s why

  1. jen2288

    Lynn Kozak on July 17, 2017

    I really didn’t know what to expect from this call given that I listened to it on the same day as someone was killed in a car accident AND on a commuter train on the same route I take to work every day.

    The insights that Jen offered on this particular call gave me a way to process these complex and scary occurrences without de-humanizing them.

    I also found the meditation from this call particularly impactful.

    As always, thank you for your wisdom, Jen!

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