Rise, Then Fall: The reality of the true spiritual path

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There are three sections to this audio: The teaching section; a guided meditation that offers energy healing in line with the discussion topic; and a question and answer portion with the participants of the live recording.

Discussed in the Teaching Section: Hear clearly what you’ll really encounter on a “spiritual journey.”**  This helps you decide whether you want to do it, gives you a framework for understanding what is happening, and enables you to determine when you want to stop.  We outline 3 categories of challenges you may encounter.  Then 5 things you’ll need to do if you’re serious about continuing.

What Occurs in the Energy Section: We went to the depths of darkness to face realities and retrieve pieces of the soul that needed to come back to us.  This allowed us to then go higher and stabilize there.  More.

Questions Asked during the Q&A Section: Held back by intense fear of facing my soul.  Regular people using mantra.

(60 minutes)

*This audio was recorded live with an audience; the audience was muted.

**The intent with this discussion is not to discourage anyone from becoming spiritual.  Rather, the intent is to be honest, as we all deserve to know what we might encounter (should you choose to learn it in advance).  Purely my (Jen’s) opinion: The path is worth it.  As well, you can stop your progress at any time, as I say in the call.

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This call is packed full of information that pulls from years of intense experience, training in dozens of unique healing and spiritual modalities, and high-consciousness awareness of what works and why.  The intent is to offer you a self-study opportunity that you absolutely will not find anywhere else.  Added to the wisdom is an energy healing meditation related to the discussion topic, which allows you to go deep into your own self and emerge brighter.  Since time is not real, the energy work is always available, and thus the meditation may be repeated. reality spiritual journey

1 review for Rise, Then Fall: The reality of the true spiritual path

  1. jen2288

    Mary on August 23, 2017

    Your meditation was out of this world Jen. I’d love to have it as a stand alone meditation, seriously you are truly remarkable and flow without pause, up and up, and expand into the ethers.

    I was pulled out and floating in a soft, embracing place. Come back to the body? No way! I wanted to stay.

    My God you have incredible talent, I’ve no idea where or how you learned to do this. It’s beyond powerful.

    Out of 5 stars I would suggest a new star level of 100 stars. That’s what I’d give it, meaning 5 will have to do *****

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