Mind Control: Your mind can be hacked. Here’s how to protect it.


If you knew that your mind could be hacked, then would you take steps to protect it?

There are three sections to this audio: A guided meditation that offers energy healing; the teaching section; and the sharing of a tool that you can apply to your life right now.

Discussed in the Teaching Section: Did you know that your mind can be hacked into?  Learn your key vulnerabilities.  Then get an easy way to protect it, as your first level of psychic security.

What Occurs in the Energy Section: A guided meditation for relaxation and connection to your Higher Self.  This meditation also offers you Reiki healing energy.

The Tool: Get the tool for love and forgiveness.

(60 minutes)

*This audio was recorded live with an audience; the audience was muted.

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This call is packed full of information that pulls from years of intense experience, training in dozens of unique healing and spiritual modalities, and high-consciousness awareness of what works and why.  The intent is to offer you a self-study opportunity that you absolutely will not find anywhere else.  Added to the wisdom is an energy healing meditation, which allows you to connect with your Higher Self and facilitate healing on your physical body and soul.  Since time is not real, the energy work is always available, and thus the meditation may be repeated. mind hacking


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