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Give someone you love the gift of deep healing.

Let them feel calmer, peaceful, lighter, energized, and more clear, with an appointment for energy healing.

“I’ve never felt such an amazing healing.”  “I slept better.”  “Rid me of tension and stress.”

Jen blends Reiki, Shamanism, remote healing, and holistic Life Coaching seamlessly into an appointment that supports the body, mind, and soul of her clients.

All appointments are conveniently by phone (in Canada and the continental USA) or by Skype (worldwide).

Choose from a standard appointment (1 hour) or a partial appointment (1/2 hour).

Then choose whether you would like to receive a hard-copy certificate in the mail, or a PDF by email.

See below for further details and conditions.  Or, read more about Jen’s appointments.

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If you enter the Recipient’s Name, then we will write it on your Gift Certificate. Leave this blank if you wish to write it yourself.

If you enter the Sender’s Name (the name of the person who is giving this gift), then we will write it on your Gift Certificate. Leave this blank if you wish to write it yourself.

Where should we mail the hard copy of your Gift Certificate? Enter the address here. If you leave this blank, then we will mail it to the Shipping or Billing Address provided at Checkout.

Would you prefer to receive your certificate by email, as a PDF? If so, then type “email” below. (We will then *not* send you anything in the regular mail.)


Receipt of the Gift Certificate: Based on your chosen option, within 72 hours of your date of purchase we will email you the electronic copy or put the hard copy into the mail.  Kindly note that a hard copy will be sent by regular mail, and the arrival time will be subject to the mail system(s) involved.  gift certificate healing


The Gift Certificate may be used immediately.  Simply email us and include your invoice number.  In this case, we will not send you a copy of your Certificate.


Scheduling: To schedule the Appointment, the Certificate recipient should email us at lightsupport@putthelighthere.com and include the reference number from their Gift Certificate.  We will then send them a link to our online scheduling system, where they will be able to choose the date and time for their appointment.

All appointments occur over the phone.  Appointments are available to clients worldwide.gift certificate healing


Terms and Conditions: This Gift Certificate is valid for one use only, has no expiry date, cannot be refunded or exchanged, cannot be divided, and has no monetary value. The Certificate value will decrease by 15 minutes per year after the Date of Issue. All appointments are subject to the terms outlined in Put The Light Here’s Intake and Consent Form; all new clients are required to complete and sign this form before their appointment begins.  All appointments are subject to Put The Light Here’s policies.


Here’s What Clients Say:

“The lightness and healing I feel after each healing is the best feeling.”

“Her services are so calming, healing and completely rid me of tension and stress.”

“I have never felt such an amazing healing as Jen’s.”

“The issue I had completely disappeared and hasn’t resurfaced.”

“I know this treatment gave me the last (big) nudge I need and I have FINALLY found my voice and have begun speaking my truth.”


“She has helped me with soul recall and has helped me really heal myself so that I may be my authentic self.”

“Her extensive experience and counsel have honestly been immensely transformative for me.”

“She is a wonderful coach and mentor on this Life Journey.”

“Tremendously knowledgeable and insightful.”

“If you’re drawn to Jen then you’re blessed with a loving light.”

Learn more about Energy Healing.  Learn more about our Services.

gift certificate healing

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