Accelerated Course: Cultivate Your Psychic & Healing Abilities (on Zoom)



The accelerated course completed in winter 2022.

Please view the regular (non-accelerated) version of this course, which begins in summer 2022.

For questions about both of the CYPHA courses, contact Jen.


Hit the ground running to enhance your psychic abilities and do remote energy healing on the entirety of your soul!

This is the very same course as the one-year program, but it is being held in an accelerated format. Classes will last for three months (instead of six), and the course will fully complete after 6 months (instead of 12).

This format is ideal for people:
– who are quick learners;
– who are able to integrate their lessons rapidly;
– who already have a meditation practice;
– who already communicate with the spirit world;
– who already use at least some of their psychic abilities; and
– whose lives are on an accelerated timeline.

It is also ideal for existing energy healers and psychic readers who want to expand their understanding of these subjects.

(Kindly note that this format is therefore not for beginners. If you have little to no experience with meditation, little to no experience communicating with the spirit world, and little to no experience using your psychic abilities, then the regular class is the best fit for you. Please see here for those details.)

Since we will move rapidly through the materials and practices, you must be committed to participating in the course. You will need to attend at least three of the six live classes, which are held every other Saturday from 11am to 2pm EST.

You will have the option to receive a Certificate of Completion if you complete all of the course work and submit it, with the administration fee, by the end of the course.

Meeting on Zoom allows us to foster a closer community as we work together and share our experiences.

See below for a full description of this course.

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Heal yourself and your past/parallel/alternate lives through this advanced form of energy healing. Enhance your psychic abilities. Understand the spirit world better. Discover and travel the Cosmos. Take your existing practice past all boundaries. Become your authentic self and live your true purpose. advanced energy healing course shamanic healing course psychic development course spiritual awakening course cosmic healing
Importantly: Learn the ethics of energy healing and psychic work. Ethics are not usually taught in spiritual circles. Jen is changing that.

Learn from 14 different learning modules, which provide a clear framework to understand this “invisible” subject. Gain direct experience through 24 different meditations that you do. Go deep into the subject matter through self-paced homework. Ask questions from your teacher during our monthly class via teleconference. And gather with like-minded people to share experiences and learn from each other.

Six months of access to a members-only webpage, where you will be able to watch all of the course videos again and access all course resources.  psychic development course cosmic healing

Six months of access to our Private group on Facebook.

Six months to complete the optional Certificate of Completion.

Online by Zoom. spiritual awakening course online cosmic healer psychic development course psychic course

Your teacher is an advanced healer who has thousands of hours of experience training directly with Spirit and Source, in many different realities and realms, as well as across the light-dark spectrum. Jen started her career in national security, however, and began teaching in 2005 to US defense analysts. Her material is therefore presented in ways that everyone can understand. She is now based out of Ottawa, Canada, and has clients all over the world.

This purchase is subject to the terms outlined in the Consent Form and Policies for Events, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions, and does not qualify for a refund or credit.

advanced energy healing energy healing course shamanic healing course accelerated healing course

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Curriculum and Schedule
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Who Can Join?
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About the Teacher
Terms and Conditions


Curriculum and Schedule energy healing course cosmic healing

Class #1:psychic development course healing online course

Teaching Focus: Receiving Clear Messages; Asking Good Questions

Meditation Focus: Receiving Psychic Messages

Homework Focus: Receiving Information about Yourself

Class #2:

Teaching Focus: Interpreting Psychic Impressions, Part 1; Working with Energy to Facilitate Healing

Meditation Focus: Healing Yourself

Homework Focus: Doing Healing on Yourself

Class #3: spiritual awakening course online travel the cosmos cosmic healer psychic development

Teaching Focus: 15 Misconceptions about Energy Healing, Psychic Gifts, and the Spirit World; Ethics, Consent, and What Can Go Wrong

Meditation Focus: Healing Yourself

Homework Focus: Doing Healing on Yourself

Class #4:

Teaching Focus: Common Procedures Used in Energy Healing; Healing Across Time and Space; Simple versus Complex Illnesses

Meditation Focus: Healing Yourself

Homework Focus: Doing Healing on Yourself

Class #5:

Teaching Focus: Does Every Healer See the Same Thing?; Interpreting Psychic Impressions, Part 2

Meditation Focus: Healing a Classmate

Homework Focus: Doing Healing on Another Person

Class #6:

Teaching Focus: What Energy Healing Can and Cannot Do; Success Stories; Creativity

Meditation Focus: Group Chooses

Homework Focus: Student Chooses

Call 7:heal past lives shamanism course psychic course reiki course online

Purpose: Discuss the Class 6 homework (1 hour)

Call 8 (Bonus Call):

Purpose: Final wrap-up of course and questions related to Certificate of Completion (due by end of Month 6) (1 hour)

advanced energy healing energy healing course shamanic healing course accelerated healing course


Class 1: TBD

Class 2: TBD

Class 3: TBD

Class 4: TBD

Class 5: TBD

Class 6: TBD

Zoom Call 7: TBD

Zoom Call 8 (Bonus Call): TBD

Final day to access course materials and submit Certificate of Completion work: One year from the start date


All Zoom video calls are held from 11:00am to 2:00pm EST (Eastern Daylight Time).

All of the lessons will be complete by the end of 12 weeks.  You will still have access to the course for an additional three months.

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Details spiritual awakening course online psychic development course cosmic healer psychic development

This course features three months of learning, and two additional calls to help you as you practice healing and integrate the information. Months 1-3 involve the learning modules. Call 7 features a call to review the previous month’s homework. Call 8 gives you a 1-hour bonus call, to answer any questions you might still have, especially if you are working towards the Certificate of Completion (which is optional but recommended). You are able to apply for the Certificate at any time; but it is due no later than the end of Month 6.

We will meet on Zoom for a video call every other Saturday, from 11am to 2pm EST.  Between calls, you will do homework to practice doing energy healing.

The Zoom classes will be recorded, so if you cannot make it to a live class then you are able to watch later.

In this Accelerated course, you are required to attend at least three live Zoom classes.

In class, you will: accelerated healing course

– learn about the dynamics and mechanics of “energy healing,” in increasing detail and complexity;

– partake in a guided meditation that will take you deep into your consciousness, to practice energy healing;

– discuss your experience in the meditation, and receive feedback, insight, and suggestions;

– identify your homework for the next two weeks; and

– discuss the results of your homework from the previous two weeks, and receive feedback, insight, and suggestions.

A private Facebook group will also be created for this course. This allows you to share experiences, ideas, and challenges throughout the duration of the course, and to develop friendships with your classmates.

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Certificate of Completion (optional track)

If you would like to receive a Certificate of Completion, to show that you have completed the formal requirements of this course, then you have the option to do so. This is optional, but recommended: The additional homework will take you deeper into the material, help you develop your skills more fully, and ultimately help you get the most from this course.

To receive your Certificate in the mail, you are required to submit the completed homework by email to Jen by the end of Month 6, along with the $25 administrative fee.

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energy healing course psychic course

Who Can Join?

The Accelerated course is open only to people with a strong foundation of meditation, spiritual awareness, and psychic abilities.  If you are interested in applying for the Accelerated course, please complete this application form and return it to me by email.

The Regular (one-year) version of this course, however, is open to everyone at all levels.  To see more information about the Regular course, click here.

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spiritual awakening course online cosmic healing cosmic healer psychic development

About this Course

Everyone has the ability to do energy healing; that is, to work with the energy of themselves, another person, an animal, or a location, in order to increase its health. This is a natural human gift.

If you would like to discover, cultivate, or even enhance your own healing gifts then this course is for you.

Led by Jen Wozny, who regularly works with the energy of planet Earth and beyond, you will have a huge umbrella under which to learn and grow. Even “far out” subjects are welcome here.

Learn more about “energy healing” and how Jen does it. Watch her discuss several aspects of energy healing.

Preview one of the modules: “15 Misconceptions about Energy Healing, Psychic Abilities, and the Spirit World.

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advanced energy healing energy healing course shamanic healing course accelerated healing course

About the Teacher

Jen Wozny is a Lightworker who has been in service to Spirit, the All, and the planet. She has personal experience with all subjects taught in the courses, and it was in her spiritual travels that she recognized a need for objective, balanced, and comprehensive information about “lightwork” and what is really happening to our world. Formally, she is trained as a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Life Coach.

With a background in national security and a prior career in the federal government, her teaching experience includes designing and teaching courses to the US National Security Agency, the US Department of Homeland Security, and her alma mater Mercyhurst University. She also wrote a Masters thesis about best practices in written and verbal communication, and applies this knowledge to ensure a clear, simplified delivery of spiritual and esoteric subjects.

For more information about Jen, please see here. For an example of “a day in the life” of her service, see here.

spiritual awakening course online psychic development course cosmic healer psychic course

Read what clients and students are saying about Jen and Put The Light Here.

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Terms and Conditions

If you wish to participate in this course, then please note that you will be subject to the terms of our Consent Form and Policies for Events. Please read, sign, and return this form to us prior to Class #1. Purchasing this course signals your direct consent to all terms in the aforementioned Form, as well as to Put The Light Here’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

This course, and the copyrighted information shared within it, is subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions; please find them on our Legalities page.

Your Right to Privacy: We value your right to privacy, and will not share your name and personal details with the rest of the group without your express consent to do so. If you wish to remain private during group discussions, then a mechanism is available to you to do so. All of our work is trauma sensitive.

Emails: When you register, you will be added to an email list specific to this course, in order to communicate important updates or notices–should they arise. You may unsubscribe from the list at any time.

Right of Refusal: Learning to work with energy is a serious practice. If we feel that a registrant is not a right fit for this course, then we reserve the right to refuse their registration. In such a case, we will issue a full refund.

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psychic development course advanced energy healing energy healing course shamanic healing course accelerated healing course

spiritual awakening course online cosmic healer psychic development shamanism course shamanic healing course


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